Road Construction Around Mead Elementary

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As we prepare to start a new and exciting school year we wanted to share a construction update from the Town of Mead on the improvements being made to Welker Avenue. If you have driven near Mead Elementary and Mead Middle School lately, we know you have seen the progress that the Town of Mead is making to support safer sidewalks and improved traffic patterns around the two schools.

We encourage you to review the information below and click here to download a map that highlights the location of middle and elementary school crossing guards. Students walking and riding bikes will not have access to a sidewalk along Welker Avenue and all east-west pedestrian and bike traffic can travel along Dillingham Avenue.

Middle School Crossing Guard Locations

  • The corner of 7th and Welker Avenue
  • The corner of 6th and Welker Avenue

Elementary School Crossing Guard Locations

  • The corner of 5th and Welker Avenue
  • The corner of 6th and Welker Avenue

In addition to crossing guards, the Town of Mead will provide signs and flaggers to assist with traffic control through the duration of the construction project. Visit the Town of Mead’s website or click here to download a letter to see the latest updates on the Welker Avenue construction project.

As a reminder to drivers, with school starting, more students will be active and walking around our schools and community. Also, please take this opportunity to speak with your student about proper pedestrian and bike procedures, such as using sidewalks, crossing the street only at crosswalks and paying full attention to their surroundings when close to traffic.

We welcome your questions and concerns, but please direct specific road construction questions to Dan Dean, Town Manager for Mead.

We are excited about the new year and we look forward to seeing you next week.


Betsy Ball, Principal, Mead Elementary School
Josh Barnett, Principal, Mead Middle School