Meet the Teacher - Online Conference Scheduler

Parent Guide (English) - Meet the Teacher -2.pdf

Meet the Teacher - Spanish Instructions

Parent Guide (Spanish) - Meet the Teacher.pdf


Arrival and Pickup


Parent Instruction for Reviewing Personal Information on IC

Parent Instruction for Review Personal Information.pdf

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus Instructions

IC Parent Instructions.pdf

Infintite Campus Instructions (Spanish)

Parent Log On Instructions Spa-1.pdf

St Vrain IC Remember Me Flyer-4.pdf

RevTrac Payment Instructions.pdf

Blue Sky Bridge (Grade 3 only)

MES Family Guidebook 2019-2020

MES Family Guidebook 19-20.pdf

MES Family Guidebook 2019-2020 (Spanish)

MES Family Guidebook 19-20 (Spanish).pdf

Health Office Information

Mead Community Summer School Program

Attendance Information

Attendance Tracking Chart (prevention).pdf

District Attendance Process Flow Chart 1-10-13.pdf


Parking Lot Safety and Etiquette

Parking Lot Safety and Etiquette.pdf


5th Grade Field Day & Permission Slip

5th GRADE FIELD DAY PDF - Parent Letter 2019.pdf

Copy of 19-20 Elementary School Supply List - Final.pdf

Head Lice A Real Head Scratcher.pdf


Robotics Class Schedule

Robotic Class-1.pdf

Community School Flyers

1st Grade Poetry Club

Poetry Club 19-20-1.pdf