Awards and Achievements

Encana Technology Grant

Mead Elementary received a $70,000 grant from Encana in January of 2014. We are excited to have five iPad mini's in every classroom and three chromecarts as a result of this generous grant. Technology is a big part of our school and students and teachers are highly engaged in exciting learning opportunities daily.

Movement Grant

We are part of the district-wide Kaiser Grant to support movement in schools. At Mead Elementary, we provide two movement breaks a day where students get up and move, activate both sides of their brain, get their blood flowing and are ready to learn for longer periods of time. Funds from this grant go to support professional development for teachers, materials for classroom movement, a speaker for our all school movement days and the start of our 100 mile Club.

myOn Awards

Mead Elementary has won the myOn Reader challenge four times for a total of over $7,000. All elementary schools are challenged to read online books during Thanksgiving, Winter and Summer breaks. We are proud of the amount of reading that our students have accomplished. Funds from this grant go to new non-fiction books and reading apps.